Covid Testing

Covid Testing Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 1pm


What services do you provide?

We Assess, Test and Diagnose Covid-19, Influenza and other Respiratory Conditions.

If I have symptoms, what do I do?

Please call the practice on 4872 3933 prior to attending. A telehealth consultation will be organised with one of our doctors. Please do not attend the centre until you have spoken with a doctor and the doctor has organised a referral.

Where is the COVID testing?

When entering the ground floor of the practice, there is an isolation room opposite the pharmacy. A nurse will be present to test you after a referral has been provided by one of our doctors.

Can you COVID test for overseas travelers?

No, we are unable to test patients who require a COVID test for overseas travel.

What happens if I have tested positive for COVID-19?

You will receive a text message directly from pathology. If you are positive please call the practice to arrange a further telehealth appointment with on of our doctors.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, please ‘like’ our page for regular updates and information

How long does it take to get my result?

Pathology will text you your result as soon as it has been processed. This is currently less than 24 hours.

Does testing cost anything?

We can bulk-bill for patients who have seen one of our doctors in the past 12 months. If you have not seen one of our doctors in the past 12 months the cost is $70.